August 1982 to April 1984 Casualty Memorial Gallery

From August 1982 to April 1984, the Multi-National Force was deployed in Beirut.

During that time the MNF and other organisations lost 399 personnel.

This Gallery is a visual tribute to the fallen.

I am deeply indebted to the wide range of websites and published sources from many nations that I have been able to access, in order to put this list together.

Although there were multiple sources for the images used on this site,

the majority of the images used for the United States MNF casualties were obtained from

Beirut Memorial On Line

( ),

and in turn, directly from the family/next of kin. All copyrights and permission for use are reserved by the family/next of kin. Downloading, capturing and reuse of these images is strictly prohibited. Please contact Beirut Memorial On Line for with any questions or inquiries.

Copyright of all the images remains with the sources listed, at no time may images be used from this page, for any reason, without the express permission of the copyright holders

August 1982 to April 1984 Casualty Memorial Gallery